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At DIY Golf Cart we designed our Yamaha Rear Flip Seats using high quality American steel which allow it to support an excess amount of weight. Unlike many other seat kits ours are manufactured in the USA.  Our folding rear seat kits are designed for 1996 and newer Yamaha G16, Yamaha G19 and Yamaha G22 model golf carts.  The cushion colors available are: Black, White, Tan, Ivory (off white) or Mossy Oak (camouflage) and the deck can be either Polycarbonate (plastic) or the sleek ATP (diamond plate).  This seat kit folds open to conveniently with a a pull handle and reveals a cargo deck with a 360 degree bed rail that prevents cargo from sliding off.  Our seat kit will also keep rear seat passengers more comfortable with a higher backrest and the installation requires no no cutting or welding.  When a Grab Bar is bought in combination with one of our flip flop seat kits you can save $25 off the stand alone price! The Grab Bar will allow for better support and safety for passengers and will not get in the way of the cargo bed folding open. Please call for custom two-toned seat cushions.